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LiveLucid Honey 200ml

R 250

LiveLucid™ Honey is the edible treat to start, maintain, or end your day. 

Our raw, organic honey is locally and sustainably sourced multiflora Gauteng honey combined with our premium CBD and Indica terpene blend that complements wonderfully to the natural taste of the Honey and brings with it an additional fruity flavour.

LiveLucid™ Honey brings with it the myriad benefits associated with our CBD blend while simultaneously tickling your taste buds.

LiveLucid™ CBD is isolated in Colorado and the terpene blend distilled in Israel. Sustainably sourced (Coconut), pharmaceutical grade Medium-chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil is used as the carrier. The final product is locally manufactured and Third-party tested to ensure our products are in-line with international standards and consistent.

100% Organic


  • 200ml Raw spring multiflora honey
  • 80mg CBD isolate
  • 4mg Indica terpene blend

No psychoactive effects


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