What is Permaculture?

  • Permaculture does not just mean creating a nice habitat for birds and the flowers. If you study the history of birds and flowers, however, you will soon realise what a vital contribution they made to the development of humanity! Permaculture is a comprehensive method that installs and develops resilient and sustainable systems that are effectively capable of meeting people’s needs, while imitating mother nature's intended strategies.
  • ​it's not a static method, but one that takes into consideration every ecosystem's biodiversity. It's intention is to develop sustainable agricultural production which is energy-efficient and respectful of all living beings and their relations with one another.

Health benefits of growing your own food 

  • There are a number of reasons to start growing your own food from the space that you occupy.There is firstly health which is most important to all living beings. When growing your own food you are able to wait for the fruit or veg to fully ripen before harvest. The same is not possible with store bought food as the harvest often has to travel long distances. The result is that the fruit and veg might ripen but only in colour and not in nutrient level. 

  • Additionally, with the increased nutrient level comes improved taste. The plants are not put under stress through harvest and soil can be specifically controlled with no risk of pesticide consumption.

Cost saving from growing your own food

  • Growing your own Food & Cannabis can be an enormous cost saving if set up correctly. The way to do it, however, is to grow a varied spread of vegetables and planting a greater variety at lower quantities