This page is dedicated to showcase collaborations that we have done with other exciting and innovating brands.


LiveLucid ™ has collaborated with Scallywags Climbing
to produce an all natural CBD infused skin recovery topical product.
Scallywags was established in 2018 and aims to bring high quality products that are manufactured locally in South Africa to the market. With years of experience in climbing, the Scallywag Climbing team know the pain of broken skin and with that know the best way to heal it.
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 Our mission is simple. To offer consumers the opportunity to shop now and pay later, interest-free. In 2017, we realised that South Africans needed a new way to pay. A payment solution that does not rely on costly credit – and is simple to use. A payment revolution that helps consumers get what they want today and pay later over 6-weeks, interest-free. 
We started to look into making more, harder-edged products for climbers. Made In Workshop provided Scallywags Climbing the facilities to grow and create. As we grew, our vision became clearer. A vision of growing climbing in South Africa, and what we can do to have the greatest impact.